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Last updated May 2, 2016:

Bennett Springs Trout Fishing Report

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Bennett Springs Trout Cam Lebanon Weather

Bennett Springs Trout Fishing Report May 2, 2016: Bennett Springs is up slightly but still has good clarity.

Kids fishing day is this Saturday May 7th. Be sure and try and attend it is a great way to get the kids involved in the outdoors. Several other activities for the kids to do and see.

Great reports back on the copper johns in red and blue. Pheasant tail nymphs have also worked well under a sight indicator at about 24 to 30 inches.

Crackle backs continue to be one of the biggest fish catcher and the new teal and grizzly have been working great on top. The Park Store has a great selection of these also.

I would have a good selection of tungsten bead head crackle backs as they reach the fish in the deeper pools. I am tying these as fast as I can.

Bead head woolly buggers in black and sculpin olive have been working really well in the park and in the river. The larger size 8 in the river and size 12 and smaller in the park.


We have just added a size 16 to our lively legz line and they have really been working well.

White thread jigs and grubs have also been working well under a sight indicator at the mentioned depth.

White grubs, John deere green and black/yellow variegated grubs have also been extremely deadly through out the day.

Glow balls in white, chartreuse, tri-color #3 have been the best colors followed by Apricot/red dot in size 12 lead head.

Black/yellow, White and white/red  marabou jigs were working the best in sizes 1/16 oz. and 1/32 oz.

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