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Accessories for every situation. Trout Skin nippers, forceps, and scissors that match in rainbow or brown trout colors. Handy tippet holders and zingers for all your gadgets.  

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Quarrow Fishing Pliers
Quarrow Fishing Pliers solid aluminum pliers with replaceable tungsten cutters. Replaceable tungst..
Trout Skin Scissors
Trout Skin Scissors in Rainbow or Brown trout finish. These scissors are super sharp and make a gr..
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Black Double Zinger With Magnetic Fly Holder
Black double zinger with magnet to dry your flies. Fly not included. Special pricing...
Chest Pack
We are proud to offer this very functional chest pack at a great price. We have tried several differ..
Double Zinger
Double Zinger to hold your nippers and forceps handy and out of the way. Pins on vest or pack...
Forceps Trout Skin
Trout Skin Forceps for the vest or tying bench. Look great and lock and hold all hooks and items. Th..
Large Trout Skin Nippers
Trout skin trout nippers with easy grip style with eyelet cleaner. Rainbow or Brown Trout skin..
Nipper-Forceps-Zinger-net holder
Forceps-Nippers-Zinger and magnetic net release combination all the accessories you need on your ves..
Nippers Heavy Duty
Heavy duty nippers and eye cleaner with small knife. Tongue has non-skid surface and will trim all s..
Based on 1 reviews.
Nippers/knot Tool
Super handy nippers and knot tool to hang on your vest or pack. Fly eye cleaner on the other end...
Reel Case
Reel Case extra protection for those reels while traviling. Zippered and extra foam insert. ..
Sling Pack
I have looked and have tired several packs and I finally found the perfect sling pack that will hold..
Small Trout Skin Nippers
Trout skin nippers in brown trout or rainbow color. These make a great accent to any fishing vest. C..
Strike Indicator
Foam strike indicator comes 12 per page...
Strike Indicator 4 pack. Set
These sight indicators are the perfect float for your fly rod. These come in 2 sizes and the smaller..
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